Low & Slow American BBQ

I first experienced Low & Slow American BBQ as a food truck outside the Wheatsheaf Hotel. Anybody that has been to the hotel will know it’s one of the few pubs that doesn’t serve food, and if you’re looking for sustenance, you get it from the food truck that is parked outside. Luckily, the Low & Slow food truck made an appearance that night, and it was the taste of their amazing pulled pork that was etched into my soul.

A few years down the track, the team from Low & Slow have successfully built up their brand and moved to a permanent address in Port Adelaide. A quick wander around Port Adelaide prior to dinner confirmed that the suburb is still a ghost town with hardly anyone around. Low & Slow on the other hand, was completely the opposite, with plenty of bums on seats and a hive of activity.

The menu consists of all the meats you’d find at your typical American BBQ; pulled pork, beef brisket, hot wings, pork ribs and smoked cheese kransky. The pulled pork and beef brisket are sold by weight which is something you don’t see very often. To complement your proteins, you have a selection of sides. There are also sandwiches if you want something more compact, and of course, sweets to finish off the meal.


We didn’t want to think too much on a Friday evening, so we went for the $35 per person “let us feed you” option. In our particular case, servings of all the meats were provided and we picked four sides.

I started off with the Beef Brisket which was pretty amazing. The brisket was charred and crunchy around the edges with a lovely smokey flavour. The middle was juicy and succulent. I couldn’t fault it. It was pretty special.

Next were the Pork Ribs. They were a good size with plenty of meat on them. The pork, again was tender and succulent with the meat simply falling off the bone. They were covered in a sticky barbecue sauce that wasn’t overly sweet. That’s a good thing because that means you can eat more! Not the best ribs I’ve ever had but they were pretty good.

I then moved onto the Pulled Pork. They were soft strings of well seasoned pork that simply melted in my mouth. I’ve had a lot of pulled pork in my time, and again, it wasn’t the best. Having said that, it was still pretty good.

The Hot Wings were nice and crispy on the outside, and the spices added gave them a nice kick. The chicken was juicy and succulent, and was perfectly complemented by the blue cheese sauce. Blue cheese is an acquired taste so if you don’t like it, stay away from the sauce!


The Mac and Cheese was on point. The cheese was rich and thick, and every bite was like going to heaven and back. The Potato Salad on the other hand was a bit disappointing. Cubes of potato were covered in a creamy dressing but it just lacked that tanginess that I was expecting. The Texas Smokey Beans weren’t too bad. The beans were soft but firm, and you could taste strong notes of the sweet barbecue sauce. The last side was the Cheesy Grits. Grits are corn based and similar to polenta. In this case, they’re mixed into a mashed potato. The texture is smooth and creamy with the odd crunch.

Low & Slow gets really busy! In fact, it’s the busiest place in Port Adelaide! On a Friday night, there were two sessions, one at 6pm and the other at 7:30pm. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and the service was fast and efficient. In fact, we were in and out of there within 40 minutes. From our experience, the “let us feed you” option represented the best value for money. We shared a banquet for three between four of us, and we all left satisfied. Dinner was over $100 but well worth it for the experience.

WHERE: 17 Commercial Rd, Port Adelaide

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