T2 – The Grand Most Exotic Bazaar

T2 has long been a favourite pitstop of many weary tourists and locals alike who like to stop by this station for a quick fuel-me-up through a sip of the freshest tea that exists out there.

Taking pride in the authenticity of their tea leaves, T2 has gained a following of many tea lovers who pay for quality and quantity and get just that!

With the festive season less than a month away, T2 has released a new collection of teas and teawares range and we were one of the first people to have a hands-on look at and experience the exclusive range of products that they currently have on offer.

Hosted by T2 Marketing Manager Kate Murphy, the event was hosted at The Watson Hotel in Walkerville, where we found ourselves surrounded by a picturesque view of the Adelaide CBD and its surrounding suburbs. Concurrently, we were surrounded by colorful, hand-printed tea sets that have recently been added to the range.

Among the many new flavours that have been added to this collection, we were able to get a first-hand experience on sipping on 3 new flavours that are part of the limited edition release.


The Poppin’ Praline is a smooth, rich, and sweet brew of hazelnut, cocoa beans, and almond flavours. From the moment I sensed the aroma from the cup, I knew I was in for a treat. The flavours are happiness-inducing and provide for soothing effect. This tea is filled with cocoa beans, almonds, hazelnut.

Just like the name suggests, The Tutti Fruity is a fun, festive-themed form of tea that almost tastes like fruit punch! Almost every fruit that you can think of has been added to this brilliant mix – apples, pineapples, melons, papaya, kiwi, cranberries – and there are flowery bits of hibiscus, rosehip shells, marigold petals, cornflower petals, safflower petals! Honestly, if you’re a lover of fruits and a lover of flowers, then you’re going to fall in love with the beautiful taste of this tea.

The Shimmer & Spice is a contemporary form of tea where there is a strong sense of the tropical atmosphere. This is one that you can enjoy later in the day, when you’re looking for a way to wind down and melt into the horizon. There are strong flavours of apple, pineapple, black pepper, turmeric, and liquorice. Almost as good as a detox before bedtime!


Among the teawares, we could see a melting pot (if you will) that brought together elements of tradition and modernity. The designs on the latest range of teasets involved a fitting contrast of the old and the new. For example, we saw the Bizarre Bazaar, which looked right out of a home in Morocco – with a beautifully textured pattern of blues and greys, wooden lids for a canister, and 2 different sizes of teapots. We played with The Majestic Disorder, which was glassware that had delicate gold patterns of animals drawn all around them.

Of course, one that caught our eye was from the aptly named Magic Carpet Ride, with gorgeous tea pots that seemed to have visited Aladdin’s home and come back to us, laced in authentic looking patterns from the palace and the cave alike. The combination of red with blue and yellow and orange and green almost reminded me of home. Heck, I was ready for a sit down and a chat about tradition just looking at these tea sets. Little tassels hanging off the tea pots and the cups further added to the charm! Tea cups with crafty handles that were ready to swoop you away to another land of tranquility, and the accompanying saucers that looked like a magic carpet – hands down, one of my favourite sets from this collection!

We also noticed the Luscious collection in pink and white, which screamed of royalty. The dip-dye style design further accentuated the character that these tea sets presented with. The fun-loving tea cups from The Most Exotic Generous Cup were designed to have cartoon drawings of cats and foxes – a must-have for anyone who is into that form of art.


Teas and tea sets from T2 took our breaths away, but let’s not forget about the simple yet essential accessories to further add to a tea-drinking experience! There were hand-woven coasters with an African theme that presented with mesmerizing swirls of colors that complemented each other brilliantly, and to put on those coasters were simple glasses from the Bedazzle collection that were adorned in gold patterns. So intricate, so fancy, so right!

There were flasks and accompanying flask bags which can help you safely take your tea from point A to point B, and they look just as sophisticated as the brand T2 aims for. But if you’re looking to have more of an in-home tea party, why not go all out and use mini tea sets created by Charley Harper? Ladybugs galore in this collection, where red and black are amalgamated to represent one of the cutest insects out there on a tea set. They are super cute to hold, and even cuter to sip out of. Too delicate to use for tea? Why not showcase it in a bed of roses (or cotton fluff balls) – this tea set is bound to capture anyone’s attention to detail.

One of the last things that caught our attention is one that is a super limited edition release – only 500 of these babies have been crafted so far and it is for all wanderlust lovers – the Wanderlust Gold Collectable Cup & Saucer set. Designed with illustrations of recognizable features from countries around the world, this set aims to bring radiance and satisfy that travel bug by projecting you to another land through its art. There’s a day and night set, so I’d rush to my nearest T2 store now to get my hands on these!

Special thanks to Art Series Hotel Group for inviting us to this exclusive event and for T2 to share their exclusive range of teas and teasets with us – we believe you have restarted a tea addiction in us!

Words by Fatema Sitabkhan


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