Burger Republic – Hyde Park – New Menu

We’ve been long time fans of Burger Republic. When we were told there were new additions to the menu, we couldn’t wait to get our mouths on their delicious burgers.

The new lamb burger on the menu is Hilary’s Lamb Burger. A minced lamb patty, paired with soft fried onions and blue cheese. I have had a number of blue cheese burgers where I was left wondering where the cheese was. It can easily be overpowered but in this case the limited ingredients work together to let the creamy, delicate cheese shine.


The Caribbean Chookman certainly doesn’t shy away from the chicken that bears its name. A very thick piece of buttermilk fried chicken breast dominates the bun. Despite its size the meat is moist and tasty. Any burger touting Caribbean in its name would not be complete without pineapple and it’s here paired with its best-friend, bacon. Lettuce and mayo make up the rest of the burger. Lots of competing, bold flavours make for a tropical taste sensation.

The menu changes have seen an emphasis on cheeseburgers with 9 combinations completing the Burger Republic Cheeseburger range. Sadly, there is a limited capacity to how many burger a human can eat in a day so we carefully selected 3 (for today, I fully intend on completing the list). Every cheeseburger contains a beef patty, melted American burger cheese and special house sauce which is a tangy ranch like sauce. Like all Burger Republic burgers they are served with fries.


First up we enjoyed the Chilli Cheeseburger which has a liberal serving of hot sauce to earn its chilli title. The sauce is tangy and quite peppery when eaten alone but it’s not a burger that is going to burn. Rounded off with lettuce, tomato and onion the Chilli Cheeseburger is a fresh, balanced and satisfying feed.


Next we tackled the Boston Cheeseburger, its seeded mustard and picked onions being its point of difference. I adore pickles in a cheeseburger and believe that no cheeseburger is complete without them. Here, the generous amount of picked onion in place of the usual gherkin style pickle was a triumphant move. Providing the same vinegary tartness as pickle, the sliced onions were distributed throughout the burger ensuring every bite contained some onion.  This burger should come with a disclaimer – multiple napkins required. The mustard, ketchup and special house sauce makes for a drippy, but extremely enjoyable feast.


Finally the Double Bacon BBQ delivered on its promise with an indulgent, rich, meaty burger. Plenty of American style cheese binds the burger and the saltines from the crispy bacon plays off with the sweet BBQ sauce. There is no salad in this burger – it’s a meat lover’s dream.


If you can believe I had room I washed all that burger goodness down with a scrumptious peanut butter milkshake (That proverbial second stomach for desserts applies to milkshakes too). Packing in plenty of peanutty flavour it was smooth, decadent and the perfect burger accompaniment.

Burger Republic is everything you want in a burger bar. The funky, casual atmosphere makes you want to stay all day. The great selections of burgers are offered in their standard brioche, a gluten free bun or for those after a low carb option they will put together a bunless lettuce burger!

Words by Kate Wilkinson

WHERE: 1/110 King William Rd, Hyde Park

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