Beyond India – North Adelaide – Diwali Banquet

Indian cuisine is undoubtedly one of my top three favourite cuisines. I love my food full of flavour, spice and vibrancy which is what Indian food is all about. Many Indian restaurants focus predominantly on North Indian cuisine, however, Beyond India does both. This means it is easily accessible to everyone so there is a great array of both spicy dishes as well as much more mild ones. What I like about Beyond India is their take on these North and South Indian cuisines. They steer away from using excessive oils which is typical at other Indian restaurants and cafes, therefore, making the curries and their other dishes much lighter and healthier. They also focus on a lot of vegetables so it is comparably more nutritional than their competitors.

The team at Adelaide Food Central were kindly invited to try their Diwali buffet option. At $23.90 a person it is a bargain considering the quality and flavour your are about to hit with. The Saffron Pilau Rice was light, fluffy and fragrant. The Butter Chicken is a beautiful curry to look at it with the vibrancy of its colour and the flavours are just as beautiful. The curry is velvety smooth in texture and creamy and delicious in taste. The flavour train went on further when I used the pillowy soft garlic and butter naan to mop up the sauce off my dish. Their Cucumber Raita is the best I ever had! It’s a great little side sauce I use to help balance out the heaviness and richness of the other dishes. It was light, yoghurty and refreshingly tasty. It helped glued all the to other components well together. They also have a number of other side sauces which I tried and absolutely loved, including mint chutney, tamarind chutney, and coconut chutney. I also liked the Masala Paneer as well. It’s a great vegetarian alternative to butter chicken and it contains delicious little cubes of indian cheese. I didn’t get the chance to try everything because my skirt was bursting at the seams but from what I tasted I was pretty impressed. Not just with the quality and variety but also with the price for the buffet.


You definitely can ensure you will leave with a wonderful after party taste on your tastebuds with all the wonderful blend of the vibrancy of the balance of spices and flavours the team at Beyond India are able to put together every night. They have been doing so for fifteen years! So you can ensure your taste buds are well taken care of. No bland food here!  Only big flavours and a food coma. Beyond India is opened seven days a week for both lunch and dinner.

Words by Linh Nguyen

WHERE: 170 O’Connell St, North Adelaide


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