Leatherworks Adelaide

Friday night was the launch of Leatherworks Adelaide, one of numerous local businesses made possible by Renew Adelaide.

The artisan behind Leatherworks is the talented Rob McRae. Rob started his career at the Jam Factory in the 1980’s but after honing his craft, he put his passion on hold to support his family. Rob returned to settle down in Adelaide after spending years managing factories all around Asia, including China, Indonesia and Malaysia. With support from his family and Renew Adelaide, he was once again able to follow his passion in leather craft.


While Rob’s time in factories gave him experience in mass production and fast fashion, it also increased his appreciation for high quality and timeless styles. Rob’s inspiration is stylish and understated – with inspiration from high fashion Italian brands, without being too flashy. He aims to produce pieces that are practical, stylish and of the highest quality. These are ‘forever’ pieces.


Be sure to visit Leatherworks in Regent Arcade to check out his beautiful range of bags, wallets, belts, and other handmade pieces. Or, for a personal touch, Rob also does commissions and even offers leather workshops if you really want to get hands on!

Special thanks to Renew Adelaide and event partner Alpha Box & Dice for making the event possible.

Words by Olivia Henry

WHERE: Shop 4, Regent Arcade, Adelaide


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