Paradise Loft Records

Adelaide’s newest record store – Paradise Loft Records – has officially dropped its needle in its brand new space in Regent Arcade, thanks to Renew Adelaide.

With the aim of revolutionizing the vinyl scene in Adelaide, Renew Adelaide has provided Paradise Loft Records with the opportunity to supply its customers with quality records that are bound to give you some seriously chilled nostalgic vibes.


The team at Adelaide Food Central checked out the launch of Paradise Loft Records on September 2nd, where we were treated to delicious sips from Marble Hill and Vale Brewing. There were sweet tunes playing in the background and as the customers walked in, they started scanning through the different genres of crates of music.

Paradise Loft Records was founded by brothers Oliver and Lewis Graham, who were inspired with the idea to start up their own record store after having lived in Melbourne and New York.  Bringing the cultures from those places, the Graham brothers wanted to ignite their passion of connecting with and supporting Adelaide’s music and art through their love for music in its finest form.


The store itself boasts of a collection of over 30,000 records, so if you have a record player at home and an undying love for all things vinyl, then Paradise Loft Records will serve as your slice of musical heaven. There are a range of genres, including Boogie, 70s, 80s, Disco, and Hip Hop (to name a few). While the store may appear to be quite empty, the crates provide for an inviting treat and the giant wall mural can be enticing to enjoy a dance, as you frolic from one end of the store to the other.

You can find quality records starting at dirt-cheap prices, starting at $6. Located next to Oh Deer Sugar and across from Larry & Ladd, make sure you stop by the store and snag yourself some delightful deals of records.

Words and Photos by Fatema Sitabkhan

WHERE: Regent Arcade, Adelaide


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