Kersbrook Hill Wines and Cider – New Winter Menu

After being badly affected by the Sampson Flat fires in 2015, Kersbrook had to rebuild their producing shed and their vineyard was burned. It reminds me of the old saying ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ because the surrounding locals have all got behind Kersbrook to rebuild and in turn, Kersbrook support the locals’ right back.

They don’t sell to mainstream bottle shops owned by Coles or Woolies, they don’t put medals on their labels and they don’t even supply tasting notes. In the words of the Cellar Door Manager Ian Ross, “That’s all a bit of wank. We know we make good wine and we want the people tasting it to decipher that for themselves.”

After dropping by to try the top three wines supplied by the winery, decipher we did.


Our first wine was the sparkling cab sav which offered an intense blackberry aroma and a dry finish. Usually, one red wine and I’m asleep but this was a drop I could get behind.

Our second wine was the 2015 Riesling. This drink is designed to clear the palate, making way for more food (which we are all about). It was a light fruity wine which should be enjoyed on a sunny day.

Our next drop was the Strange Bedfellows. This was a French meets Spanish for a blend of Cab and Tempranillo that is the only one of its kind in SA. Full of plum grapes, it is luscious and designed to linger on the palate. It can linger all it bloody wants.

We wouldn’t be Adelaide Food Central if we didn’t have a bite to eat with our wine!


We got stuck into a divine Italian pizza choc full of salami, red capsicum, mushroom, onions and olives with velvety melted cheese and herbs. It boasted a wooden flavour that mixed well with the salty creamy cheese.

We also enjoyed a share platter of local cheeses, lavosh crackers, dried fruit, amazing house made chutney, a handmade duck and pistachio terrine and the best damn duck pate we have ever had in our lives!

But the desserts – my oh my, the desserts! They were something else.


First we had the Chocolate Jaffa Cake. This was dense and moist, full of citrus tones and smothered in a devilish dark chocolate ganache. It was the perfect balance of sweet and bitter and in my opinion, perhaps one of the best cakes I’ve ever had.

The Raspberry Shortcake was a dainty slice, full of tart berries and a buttery biscuit crunch. It came served with strawberries and local made double cream that was so thick and gooey that you could probably have that as a dessert on its own.

Ian recommended we share a Chocolate Marshmallow Slice. “These are what wagon wheels SHOULD be!” He was right, he wasn’t wrong. Produced by a local bakery, these offered a soft but thick chewy biscuit base and a fluffy marshmallow centre. The tart berry jam was contrasted well by the dark chocolate that cased the slice.

Kersbrook fiercely support their local community by using all the goods they have to offer. It’s local, or it’s nothing. A glass of wine next to the fire while the rain fell was just what we needed after the weekend and these local delights hit all the right spots. Recommend!

Words by Kassie Affede from Big Mouth Blog

WHERE: 1498 South Para Rd, Kersbrook


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