Prancing Pony Brewery

Sometimes on a Sunday what you really need is the hair of the dog that bit you.

And sometimes that dog needs to be a pony that has made the trip from Germany all the way to Mount Barker.

Prancing Pony is a modern craft beer brewery that sits just outside of Hahndorf, perched in between luscious green hills where the cows are grazing. The brewers believe that the craft beer should have character, and the brewery itself is no exception.

Prancing Pony is decked out in eccentric decor from cow print lamps, brown chesterfield couches that look like they have plenty of stories to tell, funky retro board games, huge oak tables and stools with old denim jean covers. The brewery seats around 100 punters with the ‘behind the scenes’ workshop sitting front and centre for all to see.

The beer is made from traditional ingredients; malted grain, hops, yeast and water. Sounds simple enough? The final product is anything but traditional and simple.


We took to a tasting paddle to experience the goods. We also ordered a few tasting platters, burgers and beer nibbles but who’s counting?

Our first beer was the silver medal winning sunshine ale. Although it was raining outside, this beer will instantly transport you to a beach on a warm summer’s day. I’m not the world’s biggest beer drinker but boasting flavours like lychee, mango, pineapple, orange and melon, this beverage went down a treat.

It went well with our Pony Burger, don’t worry no horses were harmed during this review. The burger was light and more like a heart sandwich than a burger. The subtle spice of the beef and pork patty was held together well by a wholegrain crisp panini and the juicy crunch of the vegetables and topped with caramelised onion and mayo. The Chicken Burger was Thai inspired and packed a lemongrass and zesty ginger punch and was well balanced by the paprika lime aioli.

Our next beer was the Hopwork Orange. The play on words tickled our fancy as did the notes of tangy orange and citrus blend. This beer went really well with the Chicken Wings we shared which were braised in a dark ale and hoisin marinade. This was a really nice remix on your classic beers and wings combo.

The amber ale was a sturdier beer full of caramel flavours that we paired with the menu’s Curry Wurst. Our chef explained that Curry Wurst was a dish that fed the labourers who built Germany when food and resources were scarce and ingredients were pulled together to make anything. Scare no more, Prancing Pony have brought this traditional dish to their menu and used the best local produce to share a piece of Germany with the people. It was served with a pickled potato mash and smooth sauerkraut.

Our next beer was the silver medal winning Pale Ale. This brew was citrusy and didn’t skimp on the malt. We enjoyed some of the Prancing Pony pork crackling with this beer and let me tell you, this is an absolute must. The crackling was candied in a light stout sauce and had quite a crunch to it.

Our next beer was the champion trophy winning India Red. Boasting generous notes of caramel, passionfruit amongst other tropical fruit flavours, we thought it was only right to pair it with a cheese and meat platter and a buttery pretzel. The meat, cheese and crackers are all used from local suppliers, in fact wherever the Prancing Pony can, they make the most of all the local surrounding business so the community can flourish.


Our last beer was the black ale which was a beer like we had never experienced before. It embodied smooth dark chocolate, coffee, liquorice, caramel and nutty flavours. It is definitely a dessert type beer which can be enjoyed with a cheese platter – as we did – or a sweeter dessert choice.

Trot on over to the Prancing Pony for some delicious brews and solid good eats which can be enjoyed by the whole family, not just the blokes.

Words by Kassie Affede from Big Mouth Blog

WHERE: 42 Mount Barker Rd, Totness


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