These days we all lead such busy lifestyles and this can quite often come at the cost of our health. To prepare a meal, we need to go shopping, prepare the food, cook it and then clean up. For those that work long hours, it can be a lot more convenient to eat out or buy take away on the way home. It doesn’t need to be that way anymore. With Youfoodz, you can get fresh and healthy prepared meals delivered to your door.

It’s as simple as registering with their website and selecting from the fresh meals that are on offer. The meals are either $4.95, $9.95 or $14.95, with bright colourful photos to show you what the dishes look like. Upon checkout, you fill in all your personal details with any specific delivery instructions. It will even tell you the specific day the delivery will arrive (it’s flown in from Brisbane in a chilled styrofoam box).

We sampled 5 of the dishes currently on offer and here’s what we thought.

The Hearty Savoury Mince and Roasted Vegetables was delicious! The mince was lean and well seasoned, and the medley of vegetables were full of flavour. The dish comes with two quarters of naan bread which were light and fluffy.


The Loaded Pork Wedges are a combination of pulled pork and, sweet and white potatoes. The pulled pork was lean and tender, and the morsels of meat simply fell apart. The potatoes were firm and soft, and the gooey cheddar cheese was holding everything together. The dish was more on the sweet side with the combination of sweet chilli and barbecue sauces.


Next was the Aussie Lamb with Healthy Loaded Fries. The lean slices of lamb were generous and the meat was tender and well seasoned. The sweet potato was soft and delicate, while the inclusion of pine and cashew nuts added contrast to the texture of the dish.


The Pesto and Pumpkin Salad was one of my favourites. The chicken breast was juicy and succulent, and the butternut pumpkin was soft and delicate. The natural sweetness from the semi-dried tomatoes and red onion was balanced by the Danish feta. The combinaton of pesto and dressing really brought the salad to the next level.


The last dish was the Greek Lamb Salad and Creamy Feta Dressing. Once again, there were generous amounts of lean, well seasoned lamb. The salad was fresh and crisp with natural sweetness coming from the sweet potato, roasted capsicum, red onion and semi-dried tomatoes. The cucumber and walnuts added a crunchy texture and all the elements were brought together by the dressing.


Each and every meal we tried was delicious. Some could be eaten straight out of the packet while others required a quick zap in the microwave. All the nutritional information, as well as best before dates, are written on the packs so you know exactly what you’re putting in your mouth. The meals stay fresh in the fridge for 7-9 days and will save you 15 hours per week.

No more shopping. No more slaving away in the kitchen. No more cleaning up. Youfoodz delivers fresh, delicious and healthy meals straight to your door.


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  1. Ross Duncan says:

    At first I was horrified while reading this latest post, surely a food related blog wouldn’t publish something that advocates such non-sustainable practices, something that is pre-packaged and flown 2000 klms across the country to be delivered probably by an under paid shift working uni-student.
    A product that is non-organic, has shocking food miles, is packaged up, frozen, no, no, no, a food blog wouldn’t advocate such a terrible product, and then it dawned on me…It’s April fools day!.
    It was an April fools day joke wasn’t it?

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