Fox Creek Wines – Living Art, Living Music, Living Community

Adelaide Food Central was lucky enough to be invited to the opening event for ‘Living Art, Living Music, Living Community; A Local Artist Collective’ at Fox Creek Wines. Fox Creek Wines; an active supporter of cultural events is located in McLaren Vale. The location is such a beautiful part of South Australia, with rolling hills, fresh air and a winery on every corner.


The Artist Collective was organised by two artists; Lucas Robins and Nigel ‘Snow’ Martin, gathering fellow local artists working in mediums such as carvings, paintings, ceramic and performance. The two very passionate men organised the event in just three months, with a goal of bringing together the community through art and music.
After a wander through the grounds of the winery; viewing the spectacular art and listening to the funky tunes, it was time to commence wine-tasting. Working our way down the list, it became apparent that Fox Creek are serious about their wine, with good pricing and full flavours it was hard to choose a favourite. After much deliberation I still couldn’t decide between the Shiraz-Cabernet Sauvignon and the Chardonnay, the crisp flavours of the two made me strongly consider leaving the car behind and booking a taxi for later in the evening.


For the coffee enthusiasts, ’From Humble Grounds’ stopped by to serve refreshing iced drinks and locally sourced coffee with some very good looking almond, chocolate salted cookies. Just by talking to the girls, it was very apparent they are avid supporters of the local community; you can find them at The Willunga Markets every Saturday morning.

Of course the main attraction that caught my eye was the ‘Scoop’ food van. Rachel, owner and operator of the wholesale and direct-to-public business led us through her menu for the day, which was based on the most seasonal, fresh foods direct from her garden. The menu was so fresh that we could see two young boys skinning the broad beans right there in front of the van for Rachel to use. There was no doubt we had to try all of the food on offer, and absolutely nothing disappointed.

First up we tried the Barbequed  Marinated Seasonal Vegetables with Spice Girls Salsa, this is where Rachel was able to show off her fresh veggies in a simple yet flavoursome dish, all of the vegetables were very well cooked; a little crunchy but not rubbery at all. To think these veggies were only just hand-picked from her garden made it all that more special.

Next we had the Primavera Crostini; toasted casalinga with chevre; a creamy goat’s milk cheese and a warm salad of peas, broad beans and mint. This was a perfect dish for the warm spring weather, and did I mention the freshly skinned broad beans?! I think it needs a double mention. We were told that this menu item was only thought of when Rachel was thinking of what to have for Breakfast! Now that is someone that knows her flavours, her garden and her audience.

The final of the main dishes was the Grilled Hindmarsh Valley Dairy Haloumi with hakuna matata dukah and Scoops own wild salad. The generous serving of haloumi got us quite excited; can you ever have too much haloumi? I don’t think so. The wild salad was lightly dressed and complimented the not-too-salty haloumi quite well.

For an end to the day of course we had to dabble in the sweets. The Buckwheat and Buttermilk Pancakes came with a refreshing rhubarb and strawberry compote and goats curd from Rachel’s very own goat. The pancakes were light and the compote was just sweet enough to show off the true flavours of the rhubarb and strawberries.

Scoop delivered amazing food for this event; the menu certainly exhibited the fine foods that are on offer this spring, every ingredient was fresh and well matched with every other item on the plate.

A day well spent in a relaxing and enjoyable environment with fresh food, local wine and some very talented artists; everything simply worked together. We would like to thank the staff and in particular Georgie, for inviting us to Fox Creek Wines and introducing us to so many inspirational people.

Words and Photos by Chelsea Thomas

WHERE: 90 Malpas Rd, McLaren Vale



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