2015 Vale Brewing Cheesefest – Beer and Cheese Pairing

Beer and cheese is an unlikely combination, but when two South Australian icons, namely Vale Brewing and Woodside Cheese, combine their high quality products, the result is a match made in heaven. Adelaide Food Central, along with other guests, were invited by Zomato for an exclusive night of beer and cheese pairing with Jeff Wright from Vale Brewing, Kris Lloyd from Woodside Cheese. All food and drink were provided free of charge.


The Vale Golden was matched with the Woodside Charleston Brie. Golden in colour, there were distinct flavours of apricot, tangerine and rockmelon. Mint, dill and lemon round the flavour profile out leaving a clean residual bitterness. The silky smooth texture of the brie really complimented the beer.


Dr Pilkingtons Miracle Cider was matched with the Woodside Monet. I love my cider and I love my monet. The cider is fresh and crisp with true apple flavours. Combine this with the soft, delicate, garlicky monet, and the two were a match made in heaven. One of my favourite pairings for the night.


The Vale Lager was paired with the Woodside Cave Matured Cheddar. The Vale Lager had sweet malt characters balanced by the earthy spice and fresh citrus kick. There were distinct floral notes that were derived from the hops. This worked really well with the sharp cheddar.


The Vale Ale was matched with the Woodside Cow Persian Feta. The pale ale had a refreshing balance of malt, hops and yeast characteristics. Flavours of citrus, passionfruit and peaches were prominent with the aromas of sweet honey. Perfect with the soft delicate feta.


The Vale Amber was matched with the Old Amsterdam Aged Gouda. Dark brown in colour, it has a strong malt backbone with hints of coffee, chocolate and cocoa. There are distinct pine, citrus and vanilla flavours with the combination of dark malt and hops delivering a crisp, clean dark beer. The gouda was rich in flavour with a lovely firm texture. I thought it went well with the Vale Amber.


The Vale IPA was matched with Woodside Goat Milk Blue Cheese and Honeycomb. The combination of pale, wheat and crystal were responsible for the malt flavours. There were notes of strong pine and citrus with stone fruit and passionfruit characteristics. The malt structure is matched with the dry hopping giving this beer a refined balance. The blue cheese was sharp in taste but balanced out with the sweet honeycomb. Combined with the beer, it was a perfect match, and one of my favourite pairings for the night.

What a great night it was and who would have thought that beer and cheese can be matched so well together. Special thanks to Vale Brewing, Woodside Cheese and Zomato for making it all possible. If you want to experience the beer and cheese, make sure you head down to this years Cheesefest.

Cheesefest 2015 will be held at Rymill Park on Friday 23rd October from 4pm-8pm, Saturday 24th October from 12pm-7pm and on Sunday 25th October from 11am-5pm. Tickets can be purchased online or at the gate.


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