Raw Karma

These days, people are more health conscious and are watching what they eat. This is seen by the number of vegetarian and vegan eateries that are popping up around Adelaide. Even main stream places are getting into the action with options for non-meat eaters. Raw Karma is one of these places and have a small stall in the Market Shed on Holland. Their offerings are simple with 6 types of protein balls, 6 types of raw donuts and 8 types of raw cake.


Today, I bought a Raw Caramel Donut. About the size of a mini donut it tastes like exactly like a protein ball but with chocolate and caramel. It tasted delicious and is about as healthy as a donut will get.

Raw Caramel Donut
Raw Caramel Donut

The staff were friendly and the service was fast and efficient. Raw food isn’t cheap, but their prices are on par with other places that sell similar products. The Protein Balls are $3.50 each, Donuts $6.50 and Cakes $8 a slice.

Was it worth $6.50 for a donut? It is larger than a protein ball, it was tasty, it is healthy and I didn’t feel sick after eating one, so the answer would be yes.

WHERE: 1 Holland St, Adelaide


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