Benny’s American Take Away – Woodville

It was over 18 months ago when the first Benny’s store opened in Blackwood. The menu was small and the owner was still experimenting with new items. Since then, two more Benny’s stores have opened with the newest one located in Woodville, in a small shopping complex. The menu appears to be more consolidated with chicken wings, poutines, chilli cheese fries, ribs, pulled pork, chicken tenders, hot dogs, bulldogs, subs and wraps on offer.

In comparison to the original Blackwood store, the Woodville store has more seating capacity. Located on one end of the shopping complex, it has a dual frontage which allows plenty of natural light to flow through.

Today, I ordered the Delux Chili Dog. At the time of ordering, I specified that I was to have the meal dine in, but after a 15 minute wait, I was disappointed to find the hot dog had been wrapped up and ready for takeaway. The whole presentation was ruined.

The sausage used was a decent size and extended to the length of the roll. I did find the meat to be fatty and not as well refined as expected. The beef chili was well seasoned, but when combined with the mustard and sour cream, it all became a bit too saucy. Under the sausage were bits of bacon and onion, but most of the taste was overpowered by the heat of the jalapeno. The roll was nice and soft, and firm enough to hold all the ingredients in.

Delux Chili Dog
Delux Chili Dog
The staff were friendly and the service was good. Being only one of the two customers in store at the time, the atmosphere was relaxed. As far as price goes, it’s all very reasonable with my hot dog setting me back $10.90. It was a substantial size but I felt the execution wasn’t great.

When Benny’s first opened in Blackwood, it was the start of the American fast food craze. These days, items such as gourmet hot dogs, chicken wings, ribs and pulled pork are readily available at pubs and pizza stores in one form or another. In an already saturated market and a food trend moving towards healthier eating, it will be interesting to see how this place fares.

WHERE: Shop 1, 115 Findon Rd, Woodville




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