Nazar Cafe

When you’re out drinking at some of the trendy bars in the Central Market precinct, there’s often a need to grab some hangover food on the way home. One of the few places that does offer food late at night is Nazar Cafe (formerly known as Illy’s Cafe, and before that, Falafel Stop). The menu has been simplified and now only offers yiros and AB’s. All your coffee options are there as well as the introduction of shisha into the area.


The layout is identical to the previous two stores, however, the wallpaper at the back and some new light fittings really does make a difference. There’s a lot more seating out on the sidewalk than there previously was, so customers can now enjoy their meal straight away.


For lunch, I had the Lamb AB. The dish was ready 15 minutes after ordering and was nicely presented. The lamb was well marinated, tender and succulent, although there were a few fatty morsels. The garlic sauce was a bit runny and the chilli sauce didn’t really have much heat. The chips could have been a bit more crunchier, and the serving size itself was a bit small.

Lamb AB
Lamb AB

The staff were friendly and the service was good. Most takeaway places serve their meals in takeaway containers but the owner here was happy to give me lunch on a plate with a metal fork. The cost of the AB was $12.50 which is standard for most places, but like I said earlier, I thought the serving size was small.

There’s a market for late night eateries (that aren’t dessert) down Gouger Street and Nazar Cafe fills that void.

WHERE: 120 Gouger St, Adelaide




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