Marion Road Fish and Grill

At the same location that was once the Atomic Burger Bar is the more generically named Marion Road Fish and Grill. The main offering at the previous establishment was the “Atomic Bomb” which is better known to Adelaideans as the “AB”. The current store continues the tradition with lamb and chicken AB’s in 3 different serving sizes. If you’re up for something else, they have seafood, roast chicken, burgers and other fried snacks.


The decor is pretty much as the same as what it was previously. There’s a single bar stool along the window and a handful of normal seats inside and out.


For lunch, I ordered the Chicken AB. The dish was ready after a 10 minute wait and was average in presentation. The chicken was made up of breast pieces that were well marinated, tender and succulent. The chips were the thin variety and could have been a bit more crisp. The garlic sauce had a nice thick consistency and the chilli sauce really packed a punch.

Chicken AB
Chicken AB

The staff were friendly and the service was fast and efficient. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing was reasonable. The cost of a small AB was $9.90 which is an adequate serving size for one. Most other places will charge you close to $15.

I thought the meal was decent with good quality ingredients. Certainly a step up from what the last place was.

WHERE: 428 Marion Rd, Plympton Park




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