Bank Street Social

Tonight, I had the pleasure of joining Liz and Troy from The Cocktail Challenge to check out Bank Street Social, one of Adelaide’s trendiest small bars.


I must admit I was very impressed from the moment I walked into the bar area. It’s a whopping 240 square metres of underground space which has a capacity of just under 120 people. Surrounding the centre piece bar are comfortable leather booths at one end and a dancefloor at the other.

The interior design is based on a speakeasy (an illegal American bar that was quite prominent in the 1920’s and 30’s during the Prohibition era) with exposed brickwork and pipes, timber beams, hooded light fittings and Chesterfield backed seating.


The historical photos of Adelaide on the wall besides the entrance add to the meticulous detail. The dim low hanging light fittings almost take you back to another time.


The beautiful timber furnishings complement the leather bench seating. The individual hooded light fittings over each table combined with small candles really set the mood for a relaxed drink on a Wednesday night.


Liz and Troy told me that this cabinetry feature wasn’t here the last time they visited. A nice touch with old paraphenalia on display inside the intricately designed woodwork.


The lovely tall shelving behind the bar showcases the locally produced spirits, and craft beer and cider. They also do boutique wines, but who wants to see wine bottles on a shelf? Wine bottles all look the same.


The gin in our Gin & Tonic was from Botanic Australis. It contains an impressive 14 native Australian botanicals. As with all proper gins, there’s a juniper base with undertones of citrus, mint, ginger, pepper and herbs. It was very herbacious and yet very approachable. I could had this all night.

Gin and Tonic
Gin and Tonic

The Martini consisted of West Winds Sabre Gin and Maidenii Dry Vermouth. Aside from the juniper in the gin, I could detect notes of citrus, coriander and wattle. It was a bit lighter than what I’ve had in the past but it had a unique Australian flavour. Combine that with the spiciness of the vermouth and the natural flavours from the burnt sprig of rosemary, and you have yourself an all Australian Martini.


With a great selection of drinks, fantastic service and the most wonderful setting, what’s not to love about this place?

WHERE: 48 Hindley St, Adelaide




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