Adelaide City Snack Bar

I recently downloaded a smartphone application called “Banh Mi Locator” which tells me all the nearest stores where I can buy Vietnamese rolls based on my current location. Looking at the list generated, I discover I haven’t visited the Adelaide City Snack Bar located further down Angus Street. The application tells me that their Roast Pork Rolls are $4.50 and I decide to pay them a visit.

The store itself is neat and well presented, and there are a fair number of seats both inside and out. This place specialises in Vietnamese cuisine, and it’s probably as close as you’re going to get to Vietnamese food without venturing into Chinatown. This place does get busy around lunchtime with most of their clientele being nearby workers.

As I was about to order my Roast Pork Roll, I discover the application was incorrect and the roll was in fact $6. That didn’t deter me from getting the roll though. As my roll was being made, I was shocked to see the store attendant adding lettuce, tomato and capscium. This is equivalent to putting sweet and sour pork into pita bread and smothering it with garlic sauce. It was just plain wrong.

There was a generous amount of roast pork in my roll, however, it was full of fat and crunchy skin. The pork was slightly on the salty side and there was no shred of meat to be seen. The pickled carrot was sweet and tangy, while the cucumber added a nice crunchy texture. I’ve had lettuce in a Roast Pork roll before and that was barely acceptable, but the inclusion of tomato and capsicum ruined the flavour. The bread roll also could have been a bit more crustier.

Roast Pork Roll
Roast Pork Roll

The staff were friendly and the service was fast and efficient. The atmosphere was relaxed, even with the busy lunch time crowd. As mentioned earlier, the cost of the roll was $6 which seems to be average these days. The star of the show, the roast pork, was terrible, and the inclusion of foreign vegetables in the roll ruined the entire experience.

WHERE: 181 Angas St, Adelaide





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