New Taste Noodle Bar

The New Taste Noodle Bar wasn’t my first choice in lunch destination, and it was only because the place I was supposed to go to, was unexpectedly closed. Set in a complex on Frederick Road, this quaint little store offers Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai food (This should have been my warning sign right here. I can’t think of any place that does multiple cuisines well). The dining area is slightly modern and well presented, however, the place feels dark and gloomy without any lights on.

For lunch, I ordered a Roast Pork Roll. The presentation was below average, and I’ve seen better looking rolls in my time. It was also clear that they were very conservative with the fillings. Like all good places, they prepared my roll with a spread of egg mayonnaise and pate. The roast pork, on the other hand, tasted like it was cooked a few days ago. The pork was pale in colour, and the meat was tough and chewy. The pickled carrot had a subtle sweetness and the cucumber provided a crunchy texture. This fresh chilli provided heat and the Spanish onion added good depth. I only know of one other place that adds lettuce, which surprisingly didn’t affect the taste too much. The bread roll was a standard size but it wasn’t as crusty as I would have liked it.

Roast Pork Roll
Roast Pork Roll

I was actually surprised that the staff member behind the counter refused to cut my roll when requested. It was for their benefit because the roll they served up looked sad and sorry. The atmosphere was relaxed, only because no one else was there. The cost of the roll set me back $4.50, but I don’t think it was even worth that.

Verdict: Worst roast pork roll I’ve ever had.

WHERE: 178 Frederick Rd, Grange





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