Marrakech – North Adelaide

Having already been to the same restaurant in Hyde Park, I already knew what to expect when coming to the North Adelaide restaurant. The venue doesn’t appear to be as large as the Hyde Park store and there is a feeling of being cramped by the number of chairs and tables that they’ve tried to fit into the front section. There’s not as much decor as the other restaurant, however, the background music and dim lighting still add to the ambience. As both stores have the same owners, the menu is the same.

Store frontage
Store frontage

For dinner, I had the Tagine Makfoul which is lamb cooked with tomato and onion and then finished with cinnamon and sugar. This dish was one of the best I’ve ever had. Their other competitor likes to fill up the tagine full of couscous before adding a small layer of main on the top. At Marrakech, the whole tagine was full of the main dish, and the serving size was more than satisfying. The lamb was tender, succulent and well marinated. The meat simply fell apart when touched. The sweetness of the onion and tomato, aided by the cinnamon and sugar, really shone through. This dish was heavenly. I would have it again and again.

Tagine Makfoul
Tagine Makfoul

My friend had the Tanjia Merrakchia which are beef chunks cooked with two types of olives and preserved lemon. The beef was tender and succulent and the strong olive flavour was prominent. If you don’t like olives, then don’t get this. It’s more of an acquired taste but I didn’t think it was too bad.

Tanjia Merrakchia
Tanjia Merrakchia

The staff were friendly and welcoming. We came here without booking and although all the tables were reserved, they didn’t hesitate to give us seats. The service was good for the most part. Drinks were constantly refilled and plates were cleared as we finished. There were times where we thought the staff could have been more attentive, however, it was nearly a full house. The atmosphere was relaxed and intimate, and you felt like you were a world away when you were dining here.

I initially thought the pricing was a bit high with mains averaging around the $30 mark. Add rice, bread or couscous and you’re approaching the $40 mark before you’ve had any drinks. After actually having one of the mains, I thought it was more reasonable considering the large serving sizes. Eating here still can be pricey though, so I would recommend 4 people dining here and getting the banquet option. You get to try a bit of everything for just under $50.

Verdict: If you’ve never had Moroccan food before, this is one place you need to check out. With only two Moroccan restaurants in Adelaide, they can pretty much dictate what is being charged, so it’s no surprise the mains are a bit more expensive. The Tajine Makfoul dish is a real standout.

WHERE: 91 O’Connell St, North Adelaide





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