Chiaro Bar

Chiaro Bar is located on Waymouth Street close to Light Square. I’ve only ever been to this place at night when it’s a nightclub, so the venue looked vaguely familiar without the beer goggles on. There are plenty of seating options available with bar stools, booths and normal tables. The decor is modern and well presented with prominent use of blacks and browns. The place does lack natural light and the whole dining area feels dark and gloomy. The bar offers all your traditional pub fare with $10 all day lunch specials.

For lunch, I ordered the Fish and Chips. The meal was ready after a 15 minute wait and was nicely presented. I was actually surprised by the serving size and the fact there were two fish fillets on my dish. The fish was soft, delicate and well cooked. It was enclosed in a nice crunchy batter that was firm and crisp. The tartare sauce had a nice rough consistency and was light and tangy. There was a good variety of vegetables in the salad with olives making an appearance. The carrot, Spanish onion, capsicum and cucumber provided a nice crunchy texture, however, the dressing was over applied. The chips were well cooked and salted, and a generous amount was provided. The quality of the chips wasn’t that great with too many of those throw away crunchy bits in the mix.

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips

The staff were friendly and the service was good. Drinks arrived promptly and plates were cleared as I finished. The atmosphere was relaxed only because there was no other customers there. The pricing represents good value for money if you’re going for the lunch deals and it’s still not bad when you’re paying normal prices. My meal on the other hand was average. The fish was nice, however the sides were a let down.

Verdict: Come for the cheap meals and enjoy the dark and gloomy surroundings.

WHERE: 109 Waymouth St, Adelaide





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