Sah Modern Mediterranean

Sah is located on the northern end of O’Connell Street with their specialty being tapas, paella and other dishes of European influence. I’m not really a fan of tapas, mainly due to the number of dishes you have to order to get full. Of  course, part of me is keen to try new places so we decided to give this place a go.

Knowing, I wasn’t going to be satisfied with several tapas dishes, I ordered the Paella Valenciana (pork belly, chorizo, chicken and jamon), which is the meat lovers paella. The dish was ready after a 20 minute wait and was nicely presented in a true paella pan. The layer of rice was thin with few ingredients to smother the rice. The rice had nice individual grains and had absorbed the liquid well. The bottom layer of rice should had a golden caramelised crust which is the way it should be. The protein used was nice, however, I thought the pork belly was a little on the fatty side.

Paella Valenciana
Paella Valenciana

My friend has 2 tapas dishes; the Sliced Beef Fillets and the Steamed Broccoli. The Sliced Beef Fillets was $12 and the Steamed Broccoli was $8. The beef fillets were well marinated and cooked to perfection.

Beef Fillets
Beef Fillets
Steamed Broccoli
Steamed Broccoli

The staff here are friendly and the service was above average. Drinks were refilled throughout the night and plates were cleared as we finished. The atmosphere was relaxed, even with the customers building up as the night went on.

With O’Connell Street being one of the main cafe strips in Adelaide, I can only imagine that the rent would be astronomical. This is reflected in the higher than average prices of the tapas dishes. All in all, what we ordered was sufficient for us to walk out satisfied. The dishes were of a decent quality and that makes paying a little more all the worth while.

WHERE: 145 O’Connell St, North Adelaide




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