The Collins Bar

The Collins Bar at The Hilton has been open for a while now and continues to be a favourite meeting spot for after work drinks. The venue is stylishly designed with decor  that is classy, chique and sophisticated. The seating is a mix of bar stools, lounge chairs and normal chairs. Whether you want to hide in a dark corner, sit at the impressive bar or just people watch the Victoria Square pedestrians, the choice is yours.

The cocktail list is extensive and impressive. I ordered one of their eyebrow raising cocktails, the Deconstructed Mojito. A combination of edible mojito jelly, candied mint crisp, fizz and mint mouthwash which has set up to look like a mini drug lab. Cool, creative or crass? Perhaps all of the above!

Deconstructed Mojito
Deconstructed Mojito

As far as bar food goes, I find the portions small and overpriced. The Pulled Pork Slider costs $8 and takes 3 bites to finish. The pork was lean, well marinated and sweet. The meat was cold like it was a batch taken out of the fridge. The coleslaw was nice and crunchy, and was well dressed. The bun was also sweet and you could have mistaken this for a dessert.

Pulled Pork Slider
Pulled Pork Slider

As a bar, this place is exceptional. The service is excellent and the atmosphere very relaxed. Not the place to come for a satisfying meal, but certainly good for everything else.

WHERE: 233 Victoria Sq, Adelaide





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