Let Them Eat – Central Market

I never thought I’d ever use “vegetarian” and “amazing” in the same sentence, but I will! The vegetarian food at Let Them Eat is simply amazing! Don’t worry folks, I haven’t fallen over and hit my head or anything.

Let Them Eat was first established back in 2008 by a chef with nearly 2 decades of experience. They’ve appeared in the form of a food van, at the farmers markets, and at their original store over in Croydon. While the Central Market store doesn’t really look like much, the wonderful aromas that come from this place easily draw the crowds in. The food is rustic and handmade, with no preservatives or chemicals used in their dishes. They even cater for vegans, and the gluten and diary intolerant.

Today, I ordered a Light Lunch which consisted of a Sweet Corn and Danish Feta Fritter that was topped with Onion Jam. This came with two salads; Middle Eastern Cracked Wheat and Spiced Chickpeas with Mushrooms. The sweet corn was soft and delicate and it suited the smooth texture of the feta really well. The fritter was lightly browned and the onion jam topping gave the dish more depth. The Middle Eastern cracked wheat had a subtle sweetness about it while the chickpeas were firm and full of flavour.

Sweet Corn and Danish Fetta Fritter with Onion Jam, Middle Eastern Cracked Wheat and Spiced Chickpeas with Mushroom
Sweet Corn and Danish Feta Fritter with Onion Jam, Middle Eastern Cracked Wheat and Spiced Chickpeas with Mushroom

The staff were friendly and the service was good. There is an option to dine in at the Central Markets, but whatever you order is still served in a box. I opted for a light lunch which cost $12 for a small item and 2 salads. While the box looks small, it’s deceptively large and the meal was quite filling.

This was simply one of the tastiest and most satisfying vegetarian meals I have ever had! I would seriously consider giving up meat for this place!

WHERE: Shop 26d, Central Market Arcade, Gouger St, Adelaide





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  1. Donna says:

    I couldn’t agree more with this review… I visited the Croydon cafe several months ago. I was definitely quite skeptical about the food at first, but I can easily say it was the tastiest, most delicious food; I’m yet to be so amazed again by the overall greatness of a vegetarian meal! Light, filling and yummy!!

    Other than that, the store was fresh and quirky and the staff were warm and lovely. On a second visit, the staff were as friendly as they were the first. I didn’t, unfortunately, eat the second time round but my friends had great things to say about it.

    1. I’m glad you felt the same way! Thank you for visiting my blog!

      1. I first tried Let Them Eat when I was vegan at the beginning of the year, and I still can’t believe (even after months of trying everything on the menu) how delicious everything is!
        It’s definitely the best vegetarian food to be found in Adelaide.

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