Sir Cafe – Runde St – Adelaide

Sir Cafe is a cute little dessert and tea house located on the first floor of a Rundle Street terrace building. The signage is small and it’s one of those places that you actually need to look for. The decor is both charming and tasteful, which is totally opposite to its nearby neighbour. The elegant upholstered furniture, the ornate coffee tables, the traditional lamps, and the old style music player sitting on top of some old leather suitcases, are something you would see in a magazine. The high ceilings and the full length mirrors give this place a sense of space and make it stylish at the same time.

One of the desserts this place is known for is the “Toast”. A trend that originated in Japan, and then became popular in Taiwan, has now arrived in Australia. It’s essentially ice cream and fruit on bread. Today, I ordered the Chocolate Banana Honey Toast. After a 15 minute wait, this behemoth of a dessert arrived in front of me. It’s big and it can easily feed two. The banana, the custard and the bread had quite similar textures and really worked well together. The chocolate ice cream on the hand really goes with anything because it’s chocolate after all.

Chocolate Banana Honey Toast
Chocolate Banana Honey Toast

The staff were very warm and friendly, and the service was excellent. The atmosphere was relaxed, particularly with the easy listening music playing in the background. The price point for their “Toast” items was a bit expensive for my liking. While the generous serving sizes would normally justify the cost, I didn’t think it was worth $14.90. I felt I could have made it myself at home for less. After all, it’s ice cream and fruit on bread. It just lacks the complexity that you get from other specialist dessert places.

This place is pretty good and they do most things right. The “Toast” on the other hand is a bit of a novelty and probably something you would only try once, just to tick it off that bucket list.

WHERE: Level 1, 238a Rundle St, Adelaide





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