Sliders On Rundle

Joining the burger bandwagon is Sliders on Rundle, which is located at the former site of Alfresco’s.  This place is not purely dedicated to burgers as your pizza and pasta options (that were available at Alfresco’s) are still on the menu. You could almost say that this place has become Americanised Italian, with the addition of sliders, hot dogs and gourmet burgers. They also state that they’re the first to offer a dessert burger, but I’ve already had a Cronut Burger at Relish’d.

The venue itself has undergone a few upgrades. A feature wall to one side with built in water feature, new light fittings and the tiling around the counter area, attempt to give this place a new lease on life. Even with the name change, it still feels like I’m eating at Alfresco’s, just with addition of burgers.

Today, I ordered the Slider Trio, which comes with Pork, Chicken and Wagyu sliders and a side serving of Curly Fries. The meal came out after a 10 minute wait and was nicely presented.

Slider Trio
Slider Trio

The Curly Fries were so over salted they were difficult to eat. While the fries look nice and fancy in the mini deep frier, there wasn’t actually that many of them. The fries are inherently designed to take up as much space as possible. I would say there were probably a dozen individual pieces in my serving. Many of the fries were stuck together and really aren’t as practical as their shoestring cousins.

Curly Fries
Curly Fries

The Wagyu Slider had tomato, bacon, American cheese and lettuce with a smoked BBQ aioli. The patty was nicely marinated but the meat was overcooked. The bacon was lean and crisp, and the vegetables were fresh and crisp. The bun was nice, soft and shiny, just like they have at Breadtop.

Wagyu Slider
Wagyu Slider

The Pork Slider had tomato, cheese and lettuce with a tomato mustard sauce. The continental pork patty contained fennel which seemed to over power the burger. The meat was also fatty which didn’t help its cause. The vegetables were fresh and the bun was the same as the first burger.

Pork Slider
Pork Slider

The Chicken Slider had bacon, American cheese, lettuce and sweet chilli aioli. The chicken was well marinated, but it was dry due to over cooking. The vegetables were fresh and the aioli gave the burger nice depth.

Chicken Slider
Chicken Slider

The staff were friendly and the service was average. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing (for the burgers) was on par with their nearby competitors.

With the number of burger joints popping up around Adelaide, everyone seems to be trying to cashing in their share of the burger dollar. Two of the sliders I had were OK, while one was below average. At the end of the day, I still feel this place is Alfresco’s rebadged with the addition of a burger menu.

WHERE: 260 Rundle St, Adelaide





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