Louca’s Seafood Grill

Dedicated seafood restaurants are few and far between in Adelaide. Located on the busy Hutt Street precinct, Louca’s Seafood Grill has all your seafood cravings covered. Whether you want your fish battered, crumbed or grilled, the menu is simply laid out. The emphasis is on variety and freshness of the seafood and this place does just that. The place is elegant and stylish, with plenty of natural light flowing in from the floor to ceiling windows.

Today, I ordered the Battered Butterfish and Chips. The meal was ready within 10 minutes of ordering and beautifully presented. The butterfish was soft, delicate and perfectly cooked. You could still smell the flavours of the ocean with each bite. The fish was lightly battered with a nice firm coating. The house made tartare sauce could have been a bit more tangy, but it gave the dish more balance. The chips were well cooked, however, the quality wasn’t that great. Too many of those throw away crunchy bits that few people want.

Butterfish and Chips
Butterfish and Chips

The staff here were friendly and inviting for the entire time. From prompt drink service to adding pepper on my meal, everything was done with a genuine smile. The service here was excellent and the atmosphere was relaxed. The pricing is a bit higher than your local fish and chip shop, but expected for what they sell and the location that they’re in. The dining experience was above average for the most part.

WHERE: 1/242 Hutt St, Adelaide





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  1. lmjapan says:

    This looks amazing! It’s so hard to find good fish and chips in Southern California where I live. I’m salivating just looking at that picture. I’ve only tried butterfish in a miso sauce, it must taste really interesting when battered and deep fried.

    1. It’s battered in most places in Australia.

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