The Original Yiros House

If I am partying down Rundle Street, the Yiros House would be my stop off at 3am in the morning. There’s nothing like a Yiros for a hangover cure. Mind you, the food tastes a lot better when you’re completely drunk than when you’re semi drunk.

Last night, I ordered their Lamb Yiros. Their pita bread looks deceptively small but is still a decent size. The meat is lean and well marinated, and generously provided. The lamb was a bit tougher than what I remember which indicates it hasn’t been tenderised enough. There’s lettuce and tomato somewhere in that Yiros, but I don’t care, I’m not here for salad! The garlic sauce is of a nice consistency, and overall, it’s pretty tasty.

Lamb Yiros
Lamb Yiros

Staff are friendly and service is good. Not as packed earlier in the night, but it does get busy as the night progresses. Pricing is on par with other places. The rating will vary depending on level of drunkeness. 3 stars when sober, 4 stars after a few drinks and 5 stars when completely drunk!

WHERE: 258 Rundle St, Adelaide





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