San Churro – Gouger St

San Churro stores are popping up around Adelaide and the latest one to open is along the Gouger Street cafe precinct. Unlike their sister store on Rundle Street, this particular place is spacious and has a maximum capacity of 200 over 3 levels. The decor is typical of what you see in other San Churro stores, however this one has less products on display and feels a lot less commercialised.

Now, people that know me know that I don’t visit a place more than once unless it’s really good. I’ve visited San Churro’s Gouger Street more than a dozen times and I just keep on coming back!

One of my favourites is the Chocolate Volcano. A rich decadent chocolate pudding filled with silky smooth chocolate sauce! It’s not too sweet which means you can have several servings!

Chocolate Volcano
Chocolate Volcano

My other favourite is the New York Cheesecake. The cheesecake is baked which is how I like it. The texture is nice and smooth, and once again, it’s not overly sweet. This dessert is life changing!

New York Cheesecake
New York Cheesecake

The staff here are so nice and friendly, you could tell that they’re genuinely happy to be there. The pricing is fairly standard for your specialist dessert places. The atmosphere is relaxed, and more importantly, the desserts are really yummy which is what I have come to expect from a San Churro store. Always a pleasant and enjoyable experience with very little to fault. For those that drive, parking is even easier at this location. This is definitely my favourite dessert store on Gouger Street.

WHERE: 43 Gouger St, Adelaide





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