Rose Garden Thai

Don’t judge a restaurant by its crappy decor. This rings very true, particularly for this place. The external appearance of this place reminds me of a run down crack house, while the internal is a bit more presentable. I would never have considered this place had I not read some positive reviews of the place.

I came here on a busy Friday night without making a booking. Even though there were no seats available, they still offered us a table. The staff here were warm and welcoming, and the service was exceptional. Drinks were constantly filled and plates were cleared when required. The food did take a bit longer to come out than expected, however, the restaurant was busy, so I’ll turn a blind eye on that one.

For entree, I ordered a serving of the Satay Chicken. The chicken was well cooked and the serving size was adequate. Chicken breast was used which is perfect for the health conscious. The satay sauce was well made and a generous amount was provided. It appears they used the smooth peanut butter instead of crunchy when making the sauce.

For mains, I had the Massaman Beef Curry. The beef was lean, tender and well spiced. The potatoes were soft and delicate, and the flavours were well balanced. A generous proportion of rice was provided and it just simply soaked up the curry sauce. It was absolutely delicious and I’m still licking my lips just thinking about it.

Massaman Beef Curry
Massaman Beef Curry

The pricing here is amazing with no main over $13. Normally, I would just order a main but with this place, I felt I had to order something else to give them my money. The quality of the food was of a high standard and the serving sizes were generous. The atmosphere was relaxed and everybody enjoyed their meal here.

There are no thorns in this Rose Garden! Just beautiful roses.

WHERE: 125 Churchill Rd, Prospect





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