Sushi Bar Genki

Sushi Bar Genki is the latest sushi train style place to open up in Adelaide. The store is run by the grandmaster of sushi, Chef Ikeda. Most of the Japanese restaurants in Adelaide will have owners or chefs that have worked under him. His presence is felt, as he stands in the centre, directing the people under him. While the staff were busy working away, there’d be the occasional screaming and shouting. It was a bit like an episode of Hell’s Kitchen, but in Japanese!

The store itself is located close to the middle of Gouger Street, and coincidentally near 2 other Japanese restaurants. The venue is spacious and modern with enough seating for at least 60 people. The prime seating spots are right on the lane where the sushi is freshly made. There are touch pads in front of you, which allow you to order sushi that you don’t see available. With free soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger, what more could you want? The chopsticks aren’t those throw away ones, so there are no problems with splinters. There’s even ceiling mounted flat screen TVs with Japanese cable television.

With over 150 menu items to choose from, the choice is endless. As part of their opening campaign, all sushi plates were $2.90, which was an opportunity not to be missed. The sushi was delicious. Some of them were classic, others I had never seen before. The sushi rice was nicely cooked with firm individual grains. The raw salmon and tuna were fresh and served in nice thick chunks. The vegetables were fresh and crisp, while their crumbed prawns were some of the best I’ve had. The chicken karaage had a nice firm coating while the meat was tender and moist. I could find very little to fault in any of the dishes I had!

Wagyu Beef and Cream Cheese Roll
Wagyu Beef and Cream Cheese Roll

The service here was exceptional. The staff were around whenever you needed them without being intrusive. From the moment we walked into the store to the time we left, I almost felt overwhelmed by their hospitality. The staff members appeared to really enjoy working there, and they made an effort to make our experience there enjoyable. They did everything from teaching us how to order food from the touch pads to assisting us in retrieving plates from the other side of the room.

The difference between this place and their competitors is the service and the quality of their dishes. The other places are like old steam locomotives, while this place is like a modern bullet train. This place is highly recommended and definitely worth a visit!

WHERE: 163 Gouger Street, Adelaide





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