O’Sushi O’Bento

O’Sushi O’Bento is a Japanese food outlet in the Central Markets food court. As their name suggests, they sell sushi and bento boxes. Ordering is simple, you go up to the counter and pay, they give you a ticket and you wait.

Today, I ordered the Spicy Yakiniku bento box. The dish was ready after a 10 minute wait and came in a cute little plastic bento box. The yakiniku beef was well marinated and perfectly cooked. The meat was lean and had real bite, which added excitement to an otherwise boring day. The rice was firm with individual grains, and the miso soup was full of flavour. The salad was fresh and crunchy with a beautiful Asian style dressing that wasn’t over applied. The rice in the single piece of sushi was a bit dry, and the seaweed salad was straight out of a supermarket jar.

Spicy Yakiniku Bento Box
Spicy Yakiniku Bento Box

The meal was delicious and satisfying. Not bad for the $7.30 birthday special!

O’Sushi O’Bento O’Yeah!

WHERE: Central Market Food Court






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