Pantry On Egmont

Before I start this review, I’d like to go into how I rate places. Every place starts off with 3 stars. For every point I feel is positive, they go up a star, and for every negative they go down. Of course, depending on bad the negative point is, they might go down 2 stars. Finding a hair in my food is an automatic 2 star rating regardless of how good the place is. The venue is also compared to other businesses that do the same thing.

I’ve only heard good things about the Pantry and was excited to see what all the fuss was about. Located in a well to do suburb, the Pantry is located in an old set of shops parallel to a railway track. If you come here first thing in the morning, you’ll be able to easily get a park directly across the road. The decor here is 50’s retro, with a mismatch of chairs and tables from that era. With 28 seats inside and 14 seats outside, there’s a reasonable amount of seating here for what looks like a small place.

The Pantry mainly does breakfast and lunch, however, they do cater for private dinner parties. There are certainly more items on their breakfast menu which seems pretty stock standard when compared to other places. From the get go, the staff were really friendly and inviting, and the atmosphere was quite cosy and relaxed, particularly with the sun shining into the store (3 stars to 4 stars). A lot of the customers appear to be locals, as one of the staff members knew people by name and what they liked to order (4 stars to 5 stars).

Today, I ordered the Smoked Salmon Bagel; An open bagel with smoked salmon, black pepper, dill cream cheese, pickled red onion and rocket. Prior to the food arriving, cutlery was place on my table. The cutlery wasn’t clean as there was dusty residue on the knife (5 stars to 4 stars). About 10 minutes later, the dish arrived and was nicely presented. As I took photos of the dish, one of the waitress blurted out “weird!” under her breathe (4 stars to 3 stars). Paying customers shouldn’t be insulted particularly if they’re going to write about you.

The dish itself was simple and yet delicious. The smoked salmon was fresh and there was a generous amount provided. The dill cream cheese was light and smooth, and awesome on its own outright. The pickled red onion was subtly sweet and not too over powering. The rocket was fresh and crisp, and the amount of black pepper applied was just right. All the ingredients worked really well together and the dish was perfectly executed (3 stars to 4 stars).

Smoked Salmon Bagel
Smoked Salmon Bagel

The pricing here is on par with other breakfast places around Adelaide. The quality, portion size and presentation of the food here is really good, and they certainly know how to cook here. The customer service, for the most part, was really good, however, the insult from the waitress ruined it for me. Sadly, I don’t think I’d ever come back to this place.

WHERE: 2 Egmont Tce, Hawthorn





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