Genki Roll

Genki Roll is a sushi place located in the Adelaide Central Plaza food court. Like all other sushi stores, they also sell sushi packs, noodles and Japanese salads. There’s plenty of seating in the food court, however, the seats are shared with the numerous other outlets.

For a great photo, I picked the best looking and most interesting sushi they had; the Inside Out California Roll. Wrapped in clear cellophane, the sushi was nicely presented. I was surprised when the store assistant put my sushi in a paper bag instead of the usual plastic container. Soy sauce was provided and wasabi was not.

Inside Out California Roll
Inside Out California Roll

The sushi was really good. The sushi rice was soft and moist, and you could tell it was freshly made. The avocado was ripe, and was soft and creamy. The crab stick was processed flour and was there for decorative purposes. The flying fish roe that covered the sushi added a subtle sweetness.

The staff were really friendly and the service was pretty good. The pricing is on par with other sushi places, however, my Inside Out California Roll was a bit more expensive than the usual sushi roll. They make good sushi here!

WHERE: Adelaide Central Plaza, 100 Rundle Mall, Adelaide





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