Tongue Thai’d

I love restaurant names that are puns. Located on the outer skirts of the city, Tongue Thai’d is a breathe of fresh air in what is a dreary part of Henley Beach Road. With a maze of indoor and outdoor seating areas which seats about 150, this place is tastefully decorated. The Buddha ornaments, the strategically placed mirrors and picture frames, the Dalai Lama quotes on the wall, the colour coordinated rooms and the dim lighting, really set the mood for an intimate occasion.

Tonight, I ordered the Pad Thai. It really is a good benchmark for all Thai restaurants. The meal was ready 10 minutes after ordering and was nicely presented.

NOODLES – The noodles were overcooked. Instead of being flexible and solid, the noodles were soft, expanded and stuck together. The rice noodles were just soaked for too long.

INGREDIENTS – I felt they were really scrimpy with the bean sprouts. I only saw a few strands throughout the entire dish. Instead they replaced the crunchy texture with peanuts. The tofu wasn’t as firm as I expected, but I’m not a big fan of the stuff anyway. The addition of chives was a nice touch and all the vegetables used were fresh and perfectly cooked.

FLAVOUR – The Pad Thai was pretty tasty even though they may have added a bit too much fish sauce. Pad Thai’s will vary in flavour depending on the brand and quantity of your fish sauce, tamarind and lime. Pad Thai’s can either be salty or sweet and sour. At Tongue Thai’d, their Pad Thai was more salty rather than the subtle sweetness I am accustomed to.

The staff here were friendly and inviting, and the atmosphere was relaxed. The service here was top notch. The owner was friendly enough to give me a guided tour of the restaurant and a brief history of the place. It’s wonderful to be served by people who actually enjoy working there.

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

I was hoping Tongue Thai’d would really get me tongue tied when it came to writing this review, but it wasn’t the case. Anyway, my next Thai restaurant on the list; Beau Thai!

WHERE: 54 Henley Beach Rd, Mile End





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