Suree’s Thai Kitchen

Suree’s Thai Kitchen is a cosy little restaurant located on Unley Road. The place has two entrances; the main entrance and one specifically for take away orders on the side. Conveniently located on a corner block, there are plenty of windows at this place to allow natural light in. The decor is traditional yet basic. I feel a few minor upgrades wouldn’t go astray. The wall mounted CRT TV hanging off the wall was a dead give away. The staff were friendly and inviting, and the service was exceptional.

Tonight, I ordered the Masaman Beef Curry. The meal arrived after a 15 minute wait and all meals arrived at the same time. The dish was nicely presented and was delicious. The beef was lean, tender and well marinated. I loved how the meat was so delicate it fell apart when I poked it with a fork. The serving size was generous and the sauce was of a nice thick consistency. The potatoes were nice and soft, and the flavours were well infused.

I had two issues with my dish. There were a few morsels of meat that had bits of fat on them. I felt they should have been removed during the cooking process. The other issue was the jelly that I found in the curry sauce. This indicated that the curry wasn’t stirred properly when it was reheated. I should know, I have this same problem with other dishes at home.

Masaman Beef Curry
Masaman Beef Curry

The pricing here is fairly reasonable with mains costing between $15-$20. The atmosphere was very relaxed and for the most part, the dining experience was quite pleasant and enjoyable. I would have loved to have given this place 5 stars, but I only reserve that rating for flawless experiences. Unfortunately, a few hiccups in my main dish was their downfall. This place has been around for well over a decade, and are well worth the visit.

WHERE: 330 Unley Rd, Hyde Park





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