Spats Coffee Lounge

It is rumoured that the building where Spats is located used to be a brothel and offered guys (and some girls.. but mainly guys) a special type of “dessert”. These days, Spats offers “dessert” of the regular variety, as well as beverages, cocktails and meals.

When Spats took over the brothel, they made minimal changes to the decor. The front foyer would have been full of frustrated and anxious men waiting to get their release. The red curtains behind dark windows would have given their customers more discretion. The lowly dim lights and the cheesy music playing in the background would have created a more intimate atmosphere. The individual booths upstairs would have been where all the action was happening. Of course, there was more than one of us visiting this establishment, so we got offered the larger room at the back of the premises, where all the group action would have been happening.

Just like a brothel (not that I know!), the place opens till really late. The group I was with, just finished dinner metres away, and we were looking for a bit of late night dessert. Unlike a normal brothel (not that I know!), the place didn’t seem to have enough staff to “service” their customers. We sat upstairs patiently for a good 20 minutes before anyone attended to our needs. Where I was sitting, there were some suspicious looking stains on the sofa. I’ll have to get the CSI forensic squad in, to tell me what I’m sitting on, and how many different DNA samples are present. On one side of the booth hung a picture of a semi naked woman (obviously to satisfy the male clientele), while on the other side was a picture of Beethoven (to satisfy the women with more unique and sophisticated tastes). These pictures provided light entertainment and lowered our frustration levels as we waited for service.


Last night, I asked for Tiramisu (no, she wasn’t the Italian escort that used to work here! not that I would know!). Tiramisu came to my booth after a 20 minute wait. Tiramisu was very nicely presented, and a bit heavy on top, if you know what I mean! Tiramisu was very wholesome and not as sweet as I expected. For the time I was there, Tiramisu only cost me $9.75 which was money well spent as far I was concerned. I may come get Tiramisu again when my urges tell me to do so.

WHERE: 108 King William Rd, Goodwood





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