Fancy Burger – Adelaide

I had read an article in the paper about the new Fancy Burger opening in town a few weeks ago but they never gave the actual address. The store is right at the end of Synagogue Place with a small square sign indicating where it is. Perhaps a sign out on Rundle Street wouldn’t go astray.

I’m a big fan of Fancy Burger over in Blackwood and was so happy to hear that they were opening a store in the city centre. No longer do I have to drive out to the sticks to get my gourmet burgers. The store itself has a contemporary warehouse feel about it. The place is deceptively spacious with seating for a maximum of 50 people. A majority of the seating being outdoors along a groovy dead end alleyway. I also liked the open plan kitchen with customers being able to see the burgers being made. It looked clean so that was a bonus.

Today, I ordered The Biggy, which consists of beef, bacon, egg, cheese, mayonnaise, salad and relish. The burgers came out 10 minutes after ordering and all the meals came out at the same time. My burger was nicely presented and perfectly put together. The ingredient combination really worked well together and each bite was full of flavour. The bacon was crispy, but not hard enough to break a tooth, which is just the way I like it. I did think the beef patty was a bit on the thin side and slightly over cooked. For the particular price point, I felt the burger was just satisfying, although an order of sides wouldn’t have gone astray.

The Biggy
The Biggy

I was a bit undecided as to whether I should give this place a 3 or 4 star rating. At the end of the day, the friendly and efficient customer service combined with the relaxed atmosphere pushed it towards the latter. I’m also subconsciously a fan of this place. Definitely a place worth checking out!

WHERE: 17 Synagogue Pl, Adelaide





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