Warong – Rundle Place

Warong is one of the new Asian specialty food outlets that has opened in the food court in Rundle Place. The store offers your usual Asian dishes and finger food. The presentation of the dishes is a bit unique as meals are served in small baskets on top of waxed paper.

Today, I had the Fried Rice with Honey Soy Chicken, Curry Chicken and a Crumbed Prawn snack. I felt the Fried Rice was a bit boring. They could have thrown in a few extra ingredients to make the rice more colourful. The inclusion of egg pieces, carrot or small prawns wouldn’t have gone astray.

Honey Soy and Deep Fried Chicken
Honey Soy and Deep Fried Chicken

The Crumbed Prawn was under cooked. I know you can buy these prawns in bulk as I’ve bought them myself and cooked them at home. Not knowing how to cook them properly is just an unacceptable mistake.

The marinate used for the Honey Soy Chicken was a bit strange, something I had never tasted before. Personally, I didn’t like it. The Curry Chicken, on the other hand, was very tasty and I could have has a bit more of that.

Just another Asian take away food outlet where the food was OK.

WHERE: Rundle Place Food Court, Rundle Mall, Adelaide





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