Cafe Michael 2

Cafe Michael 2 is small and cosy, and the whole restaurant, both inside and out, would seat 108 people. The decor is modern and stylish, and the service here is excellent. When I spilt a glass of water, it was quickly cleaned up. When I dropped my spoon on the floor, it was immediately replaced with a clean one.

At a Thai restaurant, I would normally order the Massaman Beef Curry, but unfortunately the dish was not available here, so I ordered the Penang Beef Curry. Two of the meals arrived within 10 minutes of ordering, and the third meal arrived 5 minutes later, which was still acceptable.

My dish was well presented, however the meal itself was average at best. The bowl of curry was deceptively small, but there was a sufficient amount of meat to be satisfying. The beef was lean, however, the meat was a bit dry. While more meat in the bowl is a good thing, there was barely enough curry sauce to cover the steamed rice. The rice itself looked like it had been sitting in the rice cooker for quite some time and was warm rather than steaming hot.

Penang Beef Curry
Penang Beef Curry

This place has a lot going for it. They do a lot of things right, however, some dishes on their menu are better than others. My friends were commenting on how great their dishes were, while my dish wasn’t something to write home about. The price point of their menu items was average, however, if you take advantage of their $10 lunch specials, this would present better value for money.

Cafe Michael 2 is a place I’d definitely come back to. I just wouldn’t order the Penang Beef Curry again.

WHERE: 204 Rundle St, Adelaide





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