Ying Chow

The abundance of Chinese restaurants down Gouger Street. With so many options, the choice is a difficult one!

Ying Chow reminds me of Ky Chow when it used to be located closer to the Chinatown entrance. The old menus, the cramped seating and the basic decor were some of the features. Coming here with a group of 20, we decided to share dishes. I felt this was a good chance to try what they have to offer.

The Salt and Pepper Squid was overcooked and rubbery. The Salt and Pepper Tofu was OK, but it’s difficult to get this dish wrong. The Fried Rice was a bit oily and could have used a bit more salt. The Crispy Skin Chicken was a bit dry and the Pork Spare Ribs were pretty good. The crocodile was overcooked in the Crocodile and Vegetables stir fry, while the Eggplant Hotpot was pretty good. The Chicken and Vegetable stir fry was a winner and the Fried Egg Noodles were too oily.

Salt and Pepper Squid
Salt and Pepper Squid

In the hustle and bustle of this noisy restaurant, they didn’t serve us all the dishes we ordered. Some of us decided to wait for the missing prawn dish, while the majority of us moved to start our drinking session.

I thought the service here was below average. Getting the attention of the waiter was often difficult, even in such a small restaurant. It took a long time just to get water for the table.

How does it compare to other Chinese restaurants in the area? I’m afraid I’ve had better.

WHERE: 114 Gouger St, Adelaide





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