The Strand

Located on the busy Jetty Road business strip, The Strand offers all your traditional Italian favourites. The restaurant is modernly decorated and the staff were warm and inviting. The service here was exceptional. We had very attentive waiter who would constantly refill our water bottles and was always available when needed.

Today, I ordered the Salmon Foccacia. The meals arrived 20 minutes after ordering, and all meals arrived at the same time. The meal was nicely presented and delicious. The pesto and the sun dried tomato tapenade were undoubtedly stars of the dish. They worked so well together, I felt there was a party in my mouth. The smoked salmon was fresh and served in generous amounts. The red onion and capers were nice touches, and the foccacia was fresh and perfectly grilled.

Salmon Foccacia
Salmon Foccacia

As a side order, I had the Garlic Bread. I thought it was a bit odd that the Garlic Bread came out after the mains. The Garlic Bread was unique and could be best described as a thin bun with garlic and olive oil drizzled on top. The Garlic Bread was then cut into six pieces as you would with a pizza. I’m afraid this side was a huge let down. The Garlic Bread was bland and too much olive oil was applied. A good garlic bread should have the garlic absorbed into the bread, and you should be able to really taste the garlic. This did not.

Garlic Bread
Garlic Bread

I thought the price point at the Strand was rather high. Some of the dishes were $5-$10 more expensive than what would I get at other Italian restaurants. Some of friends were very satisfied with their dishes, and the servings seemed quite generous. Perhaps that’s what you get for paying more?

The atmosphere was relaxed and the service was really good. If it wasn’t for the Garlic Bread and the menu prices, I probably would have given this place a better rating. This place has certainly been around for a while, and they definitely know how to run a business. If you have more spare change than usual, definitely check this place out.

WHERE: 180 Jetty Rd, Adelaide





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