The Archer Hotel

Over the years, I’ve been coming to the Archer for all sorts of reasons. I’ve come here to drink. I’ve come here to dance. I’ve come here to drown my sorrows. I’ve even celebrated my birthday here. Today, I’m here for the $10 Chicken Parmi.

The Archer is a popular venue. Located on the busy cafe strip of O’Connell Street, it’s an easy walking distance from some of the popular restaurants. As I live in the city, it’s a suitable walking distance for me to sober up as I stumble home after a night on the grog. The pub is a decent size with two floors, a few small dance floors, and internal and external dining areas.

The staff here are friendly and the service is exceptional. My meal arrived 15 minutes after ordering and was nicely presented. The chicken was nice and juicy, and perfectly cooked. There was a layer of ham between the Napolitana sauce and the mozzarella cheese. While the size of the schnitzel appeared large in size, the topping deceptively hid a thin schnitzel.

The amount of mozzarella cheese on the schnitzel was generous. The cheese on my schnitzel was only brown on one side which indicated the chicken was placed on one side of the grill. The ham used was of a decent quality, something I’d buy from one of the stalls at the Central Markets. The only problem with the ham was when I would cut into my schnitzel, this would drag all the topping with it, thus leaving no topping for the rest of the schnitzel. The crumbed coating on the schnitzel was of a perfect consistency.

The Napolitana sauce had sufficient coverage over the top the schnitzel. The sauce was thick in texture, but was disappointingly bland. The beer battered chips were perfectly cooked and adequately salted. The chips were nice and crispy on the outside, and soft and fluffy on the inside. The chips did get a bit soggy as they suffocated under the weight of the schnitzel. The salad was fresh and crisp, and the use of vinegar as a dressing was a simple, yet effective touch.

Chicken Parmi
Chicken Parmi

Overall, I think the $10 Chicken Parmi represents good value for money, particularly when I’m paying over $20 at other locations. The quality of the schnitzel itself could be improved, but for the price I paid, I shouldn’t really complain. The venue as a whole isn’t too bad as I have many fond memories of this place. It’s definitely worth a visit when you’re bored on a Friday or Saturday night.

WHERE: 60 O’Connell St, North Adelaide





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