If you’ve got a bit of spare change, then the 8 course degustation with matching wines at Celsius is definitely for you. Located on Gouger Street, this sleek and chique establishment is the epitome of style and class. I even saw a politician while dining here. The decor is luxurious, the atmosphere is relaxed, the service is excellent and the food are works of art.

While 8 courses may seem a lot, it really isn’t that much when you see the serving sizes. I would have to say I was just satisfied. The lowlight was the Lamb Sweetbread. Having no idea what it was, the texture was very chewy and difficult to break down. The highlight was the Pork, Sweet Potato and Red Cabbage. The pork was the best I’ve ever eaten. The meat was tender, juicy and succulent. The skin was perfectly cooked and not teeth breaking hard.

Goats Curd, Cucumber and Broad Bean
Goats Curd, Cucumber and Broad Bean
Scallops, Fennel and Radish
Scallops, Fennel and Radish
Tuna, Pork, Lemon and Ginger
Tuna, Pork, Lemon and Ginger

For me, a degustation is like going out with a beautiful woman that has no substance. Things might be all nice and rosey in the beginning, but after a while, you’re just not satisfied. I felt the same way with the degustation menu. Everything on the menu was pretty, but at the end of the meal, I was just content. For $190 a head, I would have wanted the experience to be better.

WHERE: 95 Gouger St, Adelaide





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