Amarin Thai

Yet another Thai restaurant in North Adelaide. Located just off O’Connell Street, this cosy little restaurant is great for romantic evenings. When I booked a table for two, the staff were thoughtful enough to give us the best seats in the house, the seats next to the french window at the front. The subtle breeze on a warm evening combined with the dim lights created an intimate environment. The service here was exceptional. The staff were not over attentive but always available when you needed them.

On this occasion, we ordered the Masaman Beef Curry and the Thai Style Boneless Roasted Duck with Mixed Vegetables. The food arrived promptly and was delicious! The Masaman Beef was perfectly cooked and was one of the best I’ve had. The beef was tender, well flavoured and fell apart as you were eating it. The serving was generous and there was more meat than potatoes. The duck was also good. The vegetables were fresh and crispy, the duck was tender and the sauce was worthy of licking off the plate. My only complaint with the duck dish was they could have removed the fatty skin.

Massaman Beef Curry
Massaman Beef Curry

My experience at this place was quite enjoyable. The food, service, atmosphere and price were all good. The environment was so pleasant, it was so easy to get lost in conversation and lose track of time. We were there until the staff members politely dimmed the lights even further to tell us they were closing up. A wonderful evening all up!

WHERE: 108 Tynte St, North Adelaide





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