Scoozi Caffe Bar

I’ve been to this place so many times and every time I’ve been here it’s always been busy so they must be doing something right!

On my most recent visit, I came to the restaurant with about a dozen people. We selected this place because we knew we would get seats on a busy Friday night without a booking and with their fast turn over of customers, it was clear that we wouldn’t have to wait long.

When we entered the restaurant we were greeted by a friendly staff member who was able to give us a table. The place was a bit noisy but that’s what you would expect on a Friday night.

On this particular occasion I ordered the Calzone with Bolognese Sauce. While my friends and I all ordered at the same time, our meals came out at different times. A few of my friends had practically finished their meals by the time my meal came out. They ordered pizza. Granted they had warned us there would be delays on the arrivals of our meals, I’ll let this one go.

When my calzone arrived after 40 minutes, it was fantastic! The calzone was of a generous size (as they should be), the dough and the ingredients inside were perfectly cooked. There was just the right amount of mozzarella cheese inside the calzone. There was a generous amount of bolognese sauce and the chunks of meat inside the sauce just added to the experience.


While I’ve yet to have a perfect dining experience, this place has been consistently good when it comes to their food. I’d come back if I had to.

WHERE: 272 Rundle St, Adelaide





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