The Aviary Dessert Kitchen

I’ve been to this dessert place several times and I must say I quite like it. The first time I went there I wasn’t exactly sure where it was. The only signage was a sign on the window. Located on the Parade, this place reminds me of walking into a little doll house. The place allowed me to make a booking which not all dessert places do. For the most part, the service was OK.

On this occasion, I ordered the Eton Mess; crisp shards of sweet meringue entwined in lashings of nutella mousse, fresh strawberries, and crunchy almond and hazelnut praline. A delicious combination of ingredients beautifully presented in a drinking glass. The dessert wasn’t too large but just enough to cater for those with a sugar craving.

Eton Mess
Eton Mess

My friends and I sat there for about 90 minutes when we were asked by a staff member to leave to allow other customers to enter. It was OK because we were all about to leave anyway, but I would have liked it better had they told us there was a time limit. Most of us enjoyed our desserts and our experience there was a pleasant one. As others have said, this place has a lot going for it, but could it improve? Most certainly.

WHERE: 227 The Parade, Norwood





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