Coconut Bunch

While walking home from the gym I came across a recently opened Indian restaurant just a bit further down Currie Street as you head towards Light Square. I’m a big fan of lunchtime deals and what drew me to this place was the $6.50 curry with rice and drink offer.

The clientele of this place are mainly city workers, purely based on the fact that they’re only open from 7:30am to 5:30pm during the week. The breakfast menu is fairly westernised with the exception of the Tandoori Chicken sandwich. For lunch, there is a choice of four classic Indian entrees as well as a dozen curries to choose from.


The interior is neat and well presented with enough seating to cater for 40 people. The narrow floor plan still allows plenty of natural light to flow through.


For lunch, I ordered the Butter Chicken which was already heating in the food warmer. The plate was medium in size and the lunch deal entitled me to 4 morsels of chicken. A lot of curry sauce was added which did seem a bit watery.

I know I was one of the first customers to order food but the temperature of the curry was warm. Chicken thigh meat was used which was good because thigh meat remains tender over a longer cooking period. The meat was well marinated, and was juicy and succulent. The addition of almonds would have given the dish a more thicker sauce with a nuttier accent. A bit more yoghurt and butter would have enriched the curry also.

Butter Chicken
Butter Chicken

The staff were friendly and the service was good. The atmosphere was relaxed and the pricing is fairly cheap. 2 Samosas are $2.45, 3 Onion Bhajis are $3.45 and a proper serving of their curry is $6.95. For a cafe or restaurant, you won’t find prices like this anywhere in Adelaide. Unfortunately, you pay for what you get here. It wasn’t the worst curry I’ve ever had but it was far from the best as well.

WHERE: 94 Currie St, Adelaide




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