Cocolat – Rundle Street

This particular Cocolat store does a roaring trade. Opening from morning till late, finding somewhere to sit at this place has never been easy for as long as I can remember. The Rundle Street store is set in a long and narrow building, and from what I could see, they seem to offer a lot more than their other stores.

Last night, I ordered the Caramel Slice. The presentation was nice with the layer of chocolate on top being a nice touch. The caramel was very crumbly instead of being smooth and velvety. So much so, I started coughing after several bites. The slice wasn’t overly sweet and still good in the scheme of things.

Caramel Slice
Caramel Slice

My friend had the Smoked Salmon Crepe. She was very disappointed with the crepes. They put way too much creme fraiche inside and as soon as you cut the crepe, the dish was swimming in a pool of sour cream.

Smoked Salmon Crepe
Smoked Salmon Crepe

The staff were friendly and accommodating. My friend is allergic to strawberries and they were happy to wash their hands prior to making her crepe (they had handled strawberries beforehand) . The atmosphere was vibrant, but not too loud that you couldn’t hear each other speak. The pricing is on par with other places, although I’m not sure I would pay $15 for their crepe. My caramel slice was $6.50 which was pricey in itself.

I must say there are better dessert places down Rundle Street. I’ve had better experiences both at this place and at others.

WHERE: 281 Rundle St, Adelaide





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