Benny’s American Take Away – Blackwood

American themed eateries seem to be rising in popularity around Adelaide, and Benny’s American Take Away is the latest to join the ranks. Located in a small shopping complex out in Blackwood, the store can be easily missed, however, Michael, the store owner, assures me the signage is going up soon.

The store itself isn’t particularly large with about a dozen seats inside and several more outside. The decor is simple yet stylish, and there’s something about the place that gives it that cosy vibe. As their name suggests, this place offers all your favourite American treats. I think there’s pretty much something for everyone at this place.

Today, I ordered a serve of their BBQ Ribs, Poutine and Chicago Dog. The BBQ Ribs were simply amazing! The last time I had ribs this good was up in Hahndorf, but now I only need to travel half the distance to get great ribs. The ribs were well marinated, meaty, and simply fell off the bone. The BBQ sauce had a nice subtle sweetness to it and I would have been perfectly content with a couple of servings of these.


The Poutine, I thought, was really good. The fries were nice and crunchy, and adequately salted. The cheese was smooth and creamy, and the gravy was full of flavour. Now, I can’t verify that this is what they have over in Canada, but it’s certainly the best I’ve had in Adelaide.


The Chicago Dog was probably my least favourite out of the dishes I ordered. Don’t get me wrong, the hot dog was tasty with a nice smokey flavour. The pickles and the celery salt seemed to dominate the dish and are probably more of an acquired taste. The bun was also really flimsy and it wasn’t strong enough to hold all the ingredients.

Chicago Dog
Chicago Dog

Michael and his team are super friendly, and I’ve never felt more welcome in a place. The service was excellent with all my empty containers being cleared as I finished. The pricing here is fantastic! You can pretty much get something from the menu for a couple of dollars. Definitely recommended!

WHERE: Shop 10/168 Main Rd, Blackwood




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