Bollywood Indian Restaurant

This place has a lot to live up to calling itself Bollywood. Located on Leigh Street, the venue is uniquely located in a split level room with the main dining and kitchen areas upstairs. The place seats about 50 with very few seats downstairs and outside. The decor here is traditional and elegant. The impressive light fittings, comfortable leather seating, natural earthy tones and the traditional ornaments hanging off the wall, really set the mood for a pleasurable dining experience. The table we were seated at was rocking, so I should have taken that as a sign of things to come.

A group of us came here to take advantage of the $14.50 lunch time special; this included a curry of your choice (excluding seafood), naan bread and steamed rice. Today, I ordered the Lamb Kashmiri which is basically a North Indian curry with peas and potatoes. The meals came out after a 45 minute wait and all meals arrived at the same time. The lamb was tender and well marinated, however the quality of the meat was below average. The morsels of meat were rather fatty and I felt they could have been trimmed off. The sauce was nice and thick, and full of flavour, however my curry tasted more like a beef stew. It would have made a great filling for a meat pie. The naan bread was well made and the rice was perfectly cooked.

Lamb Kashmiri
Lamb Kashmiri

The service here was really slow. At times, we felt we were being ignored by the staff as they hid behind the bar. My friends really enjoyed their meals but mine was just OK. The pricing is on par with other Indian restaurants. To me, the only thing they got right at this place was the decor. Everything else was fairly average.

WHERE: 17 Leigh St, Adelaide





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